Visit Monkey Forest Ubud with Baby, It’s Safe? Find Out Here

Although Ubud monkey forest is a prominent spot in Bali but some tourists especially those that bring an infant still feel skeptical to visit because of the nosy behavior of the monkeys.

Is it safe to visit Monkey Forest Ubud with a baby? It’s considered safe as lengthy as you follow the visiting rules and do not lure the monkeys there.

In the monkey forest, there were many individuals there with babies in strollers and in those bags that carry them on their breast or back because it is enabled.

The following are some safety tips for visiting Ubud Monkey Forest.

Monkey Forest Ubud Bali

Visitors should not bring treats or beverages

When going into the monkey forest, the site visitors should not bring treats or beverages because it can draw in attention monkeys to take force from you.

If the monkeys know you bring treats, they’ll follow and also attack you.

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Monkey Forest Ubud Bali

Avoid eye contact

Avoid eye contact with the monkeys when you’re shut to them. Some monkeys translate eye contact as a difficulty to combat so they may be hostile to you.

You should also watch on your baby so it does not appear in the monkey’s eyes.

monkey-forest-ubud-bali-2022 (1)
Monkey Forest Ubud Bali

Avoid Panic

Sometimes, a monkey probably comes and jumps for your body. In the problem, you should not stress because it will just make the monkeys attack you. Attempt to be peaceful and they’ll disappear by themselves.

monkey-forest-ubud-bali-2022 (1)
Monkey Forest Ubud Bali

Take Out your Jewelry

One point you must constantly remember before going into monkey location is taking off your all jewelry, specifically: necklaces, armbands, earrings, and so forth. You can continue your bag in the car throughout visiting.

Perhaps monkey steals your items such as mobile phone or video cam. You should ask staff for help to obtain back your items. The monkeys usually want to return when traded for food. Simply in the situation, you should bring a rope band.

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